Sweet Potato Paratha | Healthy breakfast ideas | Weight loss Roti recipe in hindi | Lose 10 kg fast

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Sweet Potato Paratha | Healthy breakfast ideas | Weight loss Roti recipe in hindi | Lose 10 kg fast
Hi friends, today I am here with another healthy breakfast idea, today I will share with you weight loss roti recipe, this is sweet potato paratha. Those who are looking for weight loss always this can we have sweet potato, friends, sweet potato is rich in complex carbs and loaded with fiber and essential nutrients, we can have sweet potato paratha in moderation during following weight loss diet plan. We can give this weight loss roti, to our children also they will also love this recipe. So friends try sweet potato paratha and let me know how is the taste.
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Sweet potato paratha
Sweet Potato - 50 gm
Carrot – 30 gm (grated)
Panner – 50 gm (Indian cottage cheese)
Coriander leaves (Chopped)
Whole wheat flour (1/2 cup) – 50 gm
Ghee – 5gm

Green Chilli – 1 spoon (chopped) as per taste
Cumin seeds
Carom Seeds
Sesame seeds - 10 gm (2 tsp)
Salt as per taste
(Red chilli powder and other spices optional as per cooking culture)

Cooking Method
Boil the sweet potato and mash it. Add the grated carrot, panner, coriander leaves along with the whole wheat flour.
Then add cumin seeds, carom seeds, green chilli, sesame seeds and salt as per taste.
Mix all ingredients to make the dough without adding water. Add only little water if required. If you add more water, the dough may not yield into a roti or paratha.
The dough is prepared, sprinkle little water, cover and soak for 10 min in air. This will soften the dough. The dough is ready now to make paratha. This dough can make 4 rotis/paratha for your breakfast. Make 4 dough balls. Make/roll roti/paratha in a traditional way. Add little ghee, bake on both the sides.
This paratha / roti is very healthy as compared to normal roti. You will definitely love it.
This roti has more protein than normal roti. This recipe has more vegetables and will add taste than the normal roti. Your kids would love this roti.
Our best breakfast is ready.
You will get good protein in this healthy and tasty recipe. Your kids would love this dish.

Nutrition in single serving
Note – Quantity of spices or chutney is not considered while calculating nutrition as it varies from person to person. However, you can add all the ingredients including spices as low up to 1 gm weight to calculate nutrient of your own recipe using Diet Kundali app. To calculate complete nutrition including small foods such as spices, it is recommended to generate your monthly diet chart from the app.

You can have this meal in the breakfast or also at dinner in your weight loss meal plan
Serving Size – 2 Parathas /roti with chutney/Dahi

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