TE600 Flat lollipop forming and sandwich packing machine

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Flat lollipop die-forming and wrapping machine(20dies)
This is 2machine combined together. flat lollipop forming machine & flat lollipop packaging machine.

capacity:300pcs per minute
8 hours(based on 12g pops)

iSweetech is a Brand of Confectionery Equipment & Production Solution Provider, Supported by a Great Team and the Manufacturer Yinrich factory.

23Years experience, 90+ countries worldwide customers.

Business Range:
● Hard candy making machines
● Lollipop making machines
● Gummy candy making machines
● Toffee candy making machines
● Marshmallow production line
● Chewing gum making machines
● Chocolate production line
● Candy bar making machines
● Tablet pressed candy machines
● Macaron making machines
● Biscuit-sandwich making machines
● Cookie capping machines
● Candy packaging machines
● Chocolate packaging machines

Our production today ranges from die-forming, depositing, extruding to chocolate molding lines, biscuit sandwiching machines, automatic macaroon processing lines, packaging machines, customized candy & chocolate molds for the confectionery industry.
Machinery for producing Hard candy, toffee, lollipop, Marshmallow, Gummy candy, bubble gum, chewing gums, macarons, chocolates, etc.

The Manufacturer, Yinrich factory is a professional candy & chocolate equipment supplier in China since 1998. Our factory located in Shanghai and Wuhu, which Specialize in high-quality confectionery and chocolate processing and packaging machinery, we have our own technical standards and strict manufacturing process and are ISO9001 certified.
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