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I cooked a cheeseburger using ground beef that was three-years-old! The meat I used on "The Lockdown Burger" was freeze-dried almost three years ago here at home: Harvest Right Freeze Dryer: We're on lockdown here and SoCal, and seeing all of the empty shelves at my local market was my inspiration to shoot this video. I used Two 80/20 ground beef patties, smoked brisket, and Hatch Chile peppers that I freeze-dried almost THREE YEARS AGO! Food preserved this way has a 25-year shelf life, which is amazing! I cooked em' up on the Blackstone Griddle. Links for below!
Harvest Right Freeze Dryer:
K-Pop Sauce:
Vacmaster vacuum sealers:
Blackstone Griddle:
Burger Paper Squares:
Spatula Set:
My Book:
My links: for my Gear Picks!
I have owned a freeze-dryer for a while know and plan on shooting more videos for those that are interested. Here is a playlist of my freeze-dried food videos. You will find detailed descriptions of my Harvest Right freeze-drying, along with how to use it. As you will see, freeze-drying is a very easy way to preserve food up to 25 years.

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