The PC Gaming Weekspot: Hitman 3! Super Meat Boy Forever! Other Stuff!

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We've got some Hitman 3 impressions, as Matthew's played the first two levels of Agent 47's next adventure Colm's been having a go on that SMB follow-up, Super Meat Boy Forever; and Harvey Smith is working on a new game, but is it Dishonored 3? The PC Gaming Weekspot is the only video games video podcast you need in your life if you’re looking for some lovely PC gaming news and some wonderful PC gameplay. It’s time for your recap of the last seven days in PC video gaming.

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News is starting to happen, but there's no question that 2021 in Video Games is still getting warmed up. We do have a few stories to discuss in Headlines & Hot Takes, though. Dishonored co-creator and Deus Ex lead designer Harvey Smith is working on his next game with Arkane Austin, so we wonder whether that's Dishonored 3, Prey 2 or something totally different. Another news story on the docket is a lot more rumour-y: Ubisoft Plus might be coming to Xbox Game Pass. Look, it's a real long shot, but we had to cover it really. And Tech Corner but the big return is probably next week.

Show and Tell is all murder, this week. Matthew recently had the chance to play a preview build of that there new Hitman 3 video game. He has absolutely rinsed the first two levels, so we go in-depth on that while showing you some lovely Hitman 3 gameplay. And we've also got some Super Meat Boy Forever gameplay to show off, as Colm's played the auto-runner follow-up. His Super Meat Boy Forever review isn't as glowing as he thought it was going to be when he first saw this game in action. And, finally, Matthew brings a detective game called Conspiracy! to the table. It has Jon Ronson in it, which is nice.

Agent 47 is arguably the greatest bald protagonist in all of video games, but there are a few others. So, for this week’s Mystery Steam Reviews, we’re looking at games that have hairless, playable characters. And we round out the show by opening The Weekspot mailbag and answering your Burning Questions.

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