"The power of shorts" animated??? (Lentotally)

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I was just bored yesterday so while me and Len were in a call,he was editing his video and he said one of the funniest quotes(to me at least) in that video and decided "WHY NOT ANIMATE IT" While Len questions why he's friends with me and thinks I won't actually do it BUT JOKES ON YOU LEN I DID IT (he's in a call with me rn and judging me why I actually made it)

link to the actually video(Turning "Fear the Bow" to 3D | GachaTuber Timelapse #2)

Common questions

what do you use to edit?
-Adobe Premiere pro
-Movie maker for windows

What do you use to draw?
-Clip studio paint

How long did this take you?
-A day (the actual video was posted yesterday night)
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