The Royal Selection is NOT What We Think - Re:Zero CRACK THEORY (No Spoilers!)

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Who will win the royal selection in Re:Zero? Who is the best royal selection candidate? Should Emilia Win? These are all questions Re:Zero anime and web novel fans have asked, but maybe the royal selection in the Re:Zero story actually means something different to what we think for Subaru and Emilia. In this theory about the Re:Zero royal election that is supposed to decide who will be the new dragon priestess (or dragon maiden in some English translations of the Re Zero web novel and Re Zero anime English subtitles), I talk about how perhaps the purpose of the royal selection in the plot of Re:Zero is not for Emilia, Felt, Priscilla, Anastasia or Crusch to win, but instead for them to unite to break the wheel and change the future of Lugunica. This is made possible only by Subaru becoming involved with the royal selection and the Emilia faction, and was perhaps all predicted by Echidna the witch of greed using her tome of wisdom 400 years before Subaru began his isekai adventure in Lugunica. This spoiler free Re:Zero theory is safe to watch if you are an anime only Re:Zero fan as it contains no web novel, light novel or manga spoilers for the Re:Zero anime.
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