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Link to watch the full Kunzum Kaiser video -

My reactions to one of the coolest and craziest videos that I've seen on Youtube in recent times - this is the story of an ambitious endeavour of a bunch of Indian adventure/motosport/filmmaking enthusiasts documenting the first edition of the Kunzum Kaiser - which could be the World's Highest Hill Climb Challenge. In October 2020, they tested out this idea by running a pilot race between 1 bike (a KTM Adventure 390 ridden by Ashish Rao Rane) and a car (a Maruti Suzuki Vittara driven by Suresh Rana) on a 13 km section between Batal (4000 m) and Kunzum La (4551 m). They made a pretty brilliant film documenting how things played out, which I think a lot of you will enjoy watching. Use the link - hit play - watch it through - and do share some encouragement so that they will continue creating such cool content for us to consume.

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