To The Highest Place - Rivers & Robots (Official Lyric Video)

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The official lyric video for 'To The Highest Place' made from 28 custom designed lyric posters. The chorus lettering was done by our friend Ian Barnard.

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Before the earth was made You were living
And over every heart You’ve been singing
Your very word spoke life into being
You even give the breath we are breathing

And now, we sing our songs back to You
Oh Lord, we gladly lay down our lives at Your feet
We take the breath You gave
And we give it back in praise
You are exalted to the highest place
You have the name above all other names

Stepping down into a world You made
The uncreated God in a human frame
Creator dwelling with creation
You made Yourself of no reputation

And You made Yourself nothing for us
And You gave up Your life for the least of men
You entered the gates of death
But rose with the keys in Your hands

There is no one like You, There is none besides You
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