Victorian government to roll out mass asymptomatic testing regime

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The Victorian government is set to roll out a mass asymptomatic testing program which will see 100 per cent of public aged care workers tested every two weeks moving forward.

The Commonwealth government will also conduct the same testing regime on private aged care workers.

In the private sector, high-risk industries – including meat works, abattoirs and distribution centres – will also be subject to asymptomatic testing, with 25 per cent of their work forces required to undergo testing every two weeks.

While the onus will be on workplaces to implement the tests, the government will conduct checks to ensure they meet their targets.

Premier Daniel Andrews on Wednesday announced workers who received the test were not required to self-isolate while awaiting results and would be free to carry on working.

Workers would only be required to isolate if they received a positive test result.

The mass testing will impact 95 businesses across Victoria and about 28,000 workers.

Residents in the Anglesea area were also encouraged to present themselves for testing for the mildest symptoms after wastewater testing in the area revealed a member of the community had coronavirus.

A testing blitz will be rolled out in the area.
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