What Happens To Your Body When You Skip Breakfast Every Day

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Can you gain weight? Do you experience mood swings? Will you become dizzy? Wait… Skipping breakfast can really reverse aging? How does that work? We’re talking all this AND more…

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Intro - 0:00
Yes, It Can Reverse Aging - 00:32
Acid Reflux - 01:25
You Gain Weight - 02:14
You Get Super Tired In the Afternoon - 03:00
Skipping Breakfast Might Make You Smarter - 03:46
You Get Dizzy - 04:47
Bad Breath - 05:25
You Get Really Anxious - 06:10
Higher Risk of Heart Disease - 06:52


1. Yes, It Can Reverse Aging
But isn’t this a good thing? Well yeah. Just so we don’t overwhelm people, we’re going to start off on a positive note. Skipping out on breakfast can help your skin look younger. When you miss out on a meal, you’re cutting calories. This does a lot for your body in the way of aging.

2. Acid Reflux
The more you skip out on breakfast, the more acidity your body will experience. This is especially bad for people with acid reflux. You’ve definitely heard of this. It’s when acid from the stomach goes back up the esophagus. As a result, you get things like heartburn and indigestion. Anybody who’s had either will tell you they’re a real drag.

3. You Gain Weight
I know, it seems crazy. Eating less makes you gain more? Well just listen for The body works in funny ways. Sure, skipping breakfast can save you some extra calories in the morning. But this leaves you hungry later in the day. When you finally do eat, your body will hold onto that food, as it doesn’t really know when it will receive it again.

4. You Get Super Tired In The Afternoon
To put it simply, breakfast gives you energy for the day. When you eat a morning meal, your body breaks down fatty acids in order to produce its energy. You need it in order to function.

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